Our Longhorn Story

KC Springs Ranch is a Registered Texas Longhorn cattle producer based in North Texas. At the heart of this story is a family who was seeking a way to bring back traditions. We were in search of land that we could build a legacy on. The Hill Country was calling and we answered the call. Our welcome wagon was a small herd of Longhorns at a neighboring ranch. After a year of befriending and visiting the longhorns over the fence we knew we were ready to find some of our own. Over the years we have found a simple life, a slower pace, moments of gratitude and absolute joy in watching these animals from birth to breeding.

We are still in the process of growing our program, being purposeful in selection and focusing on animals that will produce consistent genetics, dispositions and the iconic horns we all know and love. We continue to educate ourselves on the importance of preservation of the breed in an effort to continue the legacy of the beloved Texas Longhorn.

It is our prayer, that we create traditions to share for generations to come. Looking forward to branding day bar-b-q, calving seasons and producing Longhorns worthy of stories to be shared.

Hope to see ya’ll soon.